• Mike Pendergast

New Year financial Resolutions for all

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year to all our clients and readers!

Hopefully 2020 will bring some stability to the political scene and, concurrently, the financial markets!

A few New Year resolutions for you to consider over your Jan 1st hangover...

Sort out your pensions - you may not have a pension, or may have several from old jobs with annual statements festering in a drawer. We can review your retirement planning situation and let you know what you've got, what you need and any actions recommended.

Make sure you're covered - Many people ignore life cover and other protection policies, or don;t really know what they are covered for. You could be short on cover, or, indeed, have too much! You insure your car, your home, your pets, but are you fully protected? I always remember the analogy; if you had a money making machine in the garage paying you £X per year (i.e your salary), would you make sure it was covered against breakdown and failure? Yet you may not cover yourself. Let us review your situation.

Mortgage rates - mortgage rates are the lowest they've ever been. There are currently 5 years fixed rates for less than 2%. If you're on a variable rate, now is the time to switch to a fixed rate! Again, we are impartial independent advisers so can find you the best deal.

Savings rates - if you have money sitting in a savings account at the moment it is, in fact, losing value each year! Many savings accounts pay 0.2% or less, whilst inflation is currently 2.2%. This means that every £1,000 you have in a savings account paying 0.2% is actually losing 2% of it's value per year as you can buy less with it due to inflation. We have access to low risk portfolios and bonds that can help. Let us come round for a chat!

So there's a few ideas for you for the New Year. Remember we're always happy to have a chat and point you in the right direction - or you can telephone, email, WhatsApp, Facebook message or whatever floats your boat! Have a good one !

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