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Asset Allocation

Asset Allocation is one of the methods that we use to ensure that our clients pensions and investments are invested in areas that they are comfortable with but that will give them the returns they require. Our fund managers allocate funds between different geographic areas, and different financial products and types to 'spread' the investment. This allows us to ensure that investment in a particular risk profile should give us the returns we require; for example, someone investing in an investment with a risk profile of 5 can expect returns of between 4-7% per annum; sometimes higher, sometimes lower, but over a 5 year period we would expect returns within those boundaries.

To quote one of the fund managers we use; "Our unique approach to managing investment risk is based around the principle that all investment solutions in a given Risk Grade exist within a consistent risk framework. This assists the Adviser to compare across investment solutions assured in the knowledge that the same range of risk tolerance is being applied. As a result, for each Risk Grade all our investment solutions offer a consistent pattern of expected risk and return, irrespective of the underlying differences in investment strategy and style. This helps Advisers demonstrate greater choice to clients whilst also being consistently in line with their risk preferences."

By utilising this methodology, we can ensure that you know what returns to expect from your given investment, and they will be returns that are consistent and measurable.

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